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Plenary   PL1-PL12 - Bios  

PL 1 - Five Roads to Consciousness - Stanislas Dehaene, Anil Seth, Stuart Hameroff
PL 2 - Brain Biology - Rudolph Tanzi, Selen Atasoy, Anirban Bandyopadhyay
PL 3 - Consciousness and Reality - Deepak Chopra, David Chalmers
PL 4 - Five Roads to Consciousness 2 - Naotsugu Tsuchiya, Richard Brown, Jakob Hohwy
PL 5 - Conscious Intention and Free Will - Aaron Schurger
Panel: R. Kastner, D. Sheehan, R. Gruber, M. Nowakowski, M. Vuorre, J. Mossbridge
PL 6 - Artificial Intelligence/Machine Consciousness - Hartmut Neven, Christian Szegedy
PL 7 - Quantum Approaches 1 - Henry Stapp, Kelvin McQueen, Alyssa Ney
PL 8 - Evolution and Consciousness - Terrence Deacon, Katherine Peil
PL 9 - Pribram Session - Brain Dynamics - Anthony Hudetz, Gyorgy Buzsaki, Karen Shanor
PL 10 - Scale and Connectivity - Alison Gopnik, Robin Carhart-Harris, Martin Monti
PL 11 - Quantum Approaches 2 - Dean Radin, Stuart Kauffman
PL 12 - Anomalous Conscious Experience - George Mashour, Jimo Borjigin, Peter Fenwick

2016 Plenary Bios  

2016 TSC "The Science of Consciousness" - Book of Abstracts and Program 

2016 Plenary Videos (youtube)  

2016 Plenary Videos (iTunes) 

2016 TSC 2016 Feature for 2016 TSC Tucson  

2016 Consciousness Chronicles-Videos

2016 Consciousness Central - The Daily Show from TSC Tucson

2016 Consciousness Central 2016 Tucson

           Consciousness Chronicles

"Science of Consciousness Conference Is Carnival of the Mind"
by George Johnson

"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 1
"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 2
"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 3
"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 4 
by John Horgan  


JCS Vol. 23, No. 9-10, September/October 2016 ...

2016/Conference Report. 226 All Roads Lead to Consciousness: The Science of Consciousness, Tucson 2016. 

by Logan T. Trujillo ... 


2016 Stuart Hameroff Address to Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies

2016 Book, Consciousness: Integrating Eastern and Western Perspectives

2016 Conference Trailer - Video

2016 Conference Flyer PDF-Final 

2016 Conference Release 1

2016 JPEG artwork-flyer  

The Science of Consciousness Asks Big Questions- UA AHSC Memo
TSC Playlist - Consciousness Central 2015 Helsinki
Nick Day, Brief for 2016 

2016 Sponsors: Center for Consciousness Studies, Tucson, Arizona; Center for Consciousness Science, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dennis Balson; Mani L. Bhaumik; The Chopra Foundation; Crystal Globe Conscious Enterprises; Alvin J. Clark;
Ron Gruber; Sofia University; Quantum Gravity Research; YetTaDeL Foundation