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Today is , There are days from the summit.


Tucson 2004 - missing online link
Ned Block, Daniel Dennett, Martha Farah, Jeffrey Gray, Joshua Greene, Terry Horgan, Christof Koch, Victor Lamme, David Leopold, Janet Metcalfe, Alva Noe, Roger Penrose, Steven Pinker, Thomas Ray, Ronald Rensink, Wendy Shields, Alexander Shulgin, Zoltan Torey, Franz Vollenweider, Daniel Wegner, and others. WK: Baars/McGovern, Blackmore, Kriegel, LaBerge, Hameroff, Koch, Krippner, Rensink, Tart, Thompson      


2004 Audiotapes

2003 PBS Series Two Season 1 "Closer to Truth: Science, Meaning and the Future" 15:15 "Is Consciousness Definable?"

J. Bogen, C. Koch, L. Brothers and S. Hameroff