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Tucson 2002 
PL 1 Sensory Substitution 1: Visual Consciousness in Blind Subjects? - Paul Bach-y-Rita, Peter Meijer, Pat Fletcher
PL 2 Sensory Substitution 11: Neural Plasticity in Crossmodal Perception - Mriganka Sur, Alva Noe,
PL 3 Neural Correlates of Meditative Experience - Andrew Newberg, Fred Travis, Antoine Lutz
PL 4 Consciousness and Unconscious Decision-Making - Elkhonon Goldberg, Michael N. Shadlen, Ranulfo Romo
PL 5 Binocular Rivalry and the NCC - Randolph Blake, Sheng He
PL 6 The Contents of Consciousness - Michael Tye, Susan Blackmore, Philip Pettit
PL 7 Emotion and Consciousness - Alfred W. Kaszniak, Ralph Adolphs, Dick Bierman

PL 8 Machine Consciousness - Ray Kurzweil, Rodney Brooks
PL 9 Consciousness in Action - Vittorio Gallese, Jeffrey D. Schall, Daniella Meeker
PL 10 Is There Pure Consciousness? Barry Dainton, Jonathan Shear
PL 11 Art and the Brain - V.S. Ramachandran, Semir Zeki, Amy Ione
PL 12 Consciousness and Wakefulness in Sleep and Coma - Carlos Schenck, Nicholas Schiff, Petra Stoerig
PL 13 Nonclassical Brain Processes - Andrew Duggins, Nancy Woolf
PL 14 Downward Causation and Consciousness - Claus Emmeche, Dean Radin, William S. Robinson

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2001 Toward a Science of Consciousness 2001: Consciousness & its Place in Nature