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Tucson 1998 
PL1 The Self - G. Strawson, M.S. Gazzaniga, J. Shear
PL 2 Implicit Processes - A.G. Greenwald, R.L. Abrams, P. Merikle, M. Daneman
PL 3 Pathways of Visual Consciousness - D. Milner, M. Goodale, M. Mishkin
PL 4 Sleep and Dreaming - B. McNaughton, J.A. Hobson, D. Kahn, E. Pace-Schott, S. LaBerge
PL 5 Integrative Perspectives, C. Koch, M. Tye
PL 6 Color and Consciousness - S.E. Palmer, L. Hardin, M. Nida-Rumelin
PL 7 Transpersonal Psychology - F. Vaughan, H. Hunt, M. Schlitz
PL 8 Emotional Experience and the Brain - A.W. Kaszniak, S.L. Reminger, S.Z. Rapsak, E.L Glisky, R.D. Lane, E.M. Reiman, G.E. Schwartz
PL 9 Evolution and Function of Consciousness - S. Mithen, W.H. Calvin, A.G. Cairns-Smith

PL 10 Evolution and Function of Consciousness II - R.L. Gregory, N. Humphrey
PL 11 The Explanatory Gap - J. Levine, C. McGinn, G. Rosenberg
PL 12 Culture and Consciousness - A. Zajonc, C. Laughlin, M. Winkelman
PL 13 Blindsight - R. Stoerig, A. Cowey, R. Goebel, R.W. Kentridge, C.A. Heywood, L. Weiskrantz
PL 14 Space, Time and Consciousness - P. Hut, K. Yasue, B.J. Hiley
PL 15 Neural Correlates of Consciousness - B.J. Baars, A. Revonsuo, J.B. Newman
PL 16 Aesthetics and Consciousness - C.W. Tyler, T. Grodal, A. Bergesen

Complete program including abstracts/ Selected papers published by MIT Press
Toward a Science of Consciousness: The Third Tucson Discussions and Debates,1999

Abstracts  plus   Reviews New York Times  New Scientist  Journal of Consciousness Studies,  Scientific American