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Toward a Science of Consciousness II


Tucson 1996

PL 1 Approaching the Hard Problem - M. Lockwood, J.A. Grey, R.N. Shepard, P. Hut, D.C. Dennett
PL 2 Neural Correlates of Consciousness - R. Llinas, J.A. Hobson, J. Bogen, S. Greenfield
PL 3 Consciousness and Folk Psychology - C. Blakemore, D. Hodgson
PL 4 Can Machines be Conscious? D.Hillis, J. Lanier, D.E. Rumelhart, C.L. Lisetti, R. Penrose
PL 5 Interspecies Communication and Cognition - S. Savage-Rumbaugh, D. Reiss, I.M. Pepperberg, P. Bloom
PL 6 Transpersonal Psychology - C.T. Tart, R. Walsh
PL 7 The Role of Primary Visual Cortex in Conscious Vision - P. Stoerig, R. Turner, D. Sagi, N. Block
PL 8 Medicine and Consciousness - N. Franks, W.R. Lieb, A.T. Weil
PL 9 Quantum Processes in the Brain - D. Nanopoulos, P.S. Churchland, S. Hameroff, R. Penrose
PL 10 The Role of Extrastriate Visual Cortex in Conscious Vision - C. Koch, R. Tootell, A.M. Dale, J.B. Reppas, M.I. Sereno, B.R. Rosen
PL 11 Integrative Perspectives - P. M. Churchland, D. J. Chalmers
PL 12 Phenomenology and Experiential Approaches - J.R. Searle, F.J. Varela, M. Velmans, R.K.C. Forman
PL 13 Current Directions in Parapsychology - D.J. Bem, R.D. Nelson, D.I. Radin, S. Blackmore, D. Bierman
PL 14 Functions of Consciousness - V.S. Ramachandran, D. L Schacter
PL 15 Consciousness and the Physical World - H. P. Stapp, A.C. Elitzur, A. Scott