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  Shanghai is the forefront of China's reform and opening up, Shanghai has become an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center. Shanghai in China (Shanghai) free trade zone as an opportunity to test, promote reform and innovation pilot, the implementation of major projects, and promote innovation and integration of the cultural industry, culture, "going out" strategy, etc., to promote the rapid development of cultural industries。   

   Under this background, Shanghai-hyun World Cultural Promotion Center (hereinafter referred to as "dazzle the world"), it is under the guidance of the Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas, the Shanghai Overseas Chinese Association initiated the establishment of interpreters non-profit organization. To promote cross-cultural official, official and private cooperation, and build a very unique, uniqueness, scarcity of East-West cultural exchange platform to promote each country and in-depth exchanges and cooperation with China in the field of culture。  

    The establishment of world-hyun is to further deepen cultural exchanges and cooperation in multilateral another new cultural promoter, enhance mutual understanding and friendship among peoples and Chinese peoples. Dazzle the world has established a cultural center with 17 countries and has a distinctive cultural projects。  

    Hyun to the five continents of the world cultural resources as the core, cultural tourism, cultural exhibition, the cultural industry incubators and other sections to form a unique cultural centers of cultural content, learning to respond positively to the central "along the way" spirit, committed to making high-quality foreign culture came , so that China's traditional quintessence go. Shanghai Hyun World Cultural Promotion Center and the Shanghai Overseas Chinese Interpreters Association has in the past three years with the Shanghai International Tourism Resort Zone, Shanghai Jing'an District People's Government to set up a strategic partnership, the Shanghai International Tourism Resort Management Committee will be the successful introduction of the 17-nation resources, contributing to national ministries of leadership and above the level of Heads of State visited the resort 25 times, while world-hyun in Shanghai Jing'an District has organized a cultural week in Bulgaria, Chile culture Week, Austria royal ball, the four Nordic countries creative design Week and other large areas of key events。